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Our Services

Coating Services

With our extensive vacuum coating deposition capabilities, we are able to produce a
range of diamond based coatings (micro/nanocrystalline, amorphous DLC & carbon nanotubes)
and nanocomposite coatings for applications in cutting tools, tribological, biomedical implants,
surgical instruments, dental tools etc.

The coatings display excellent mechanical, tribological and biological properties.

We accept orders to produce coatings in bulk as well as catering for one-offs.

Precision Engineering

Vacuum chambers – with our high tech machining facilities we are able
to construct vacuum chambers for thin film deposition purposes

Precision machining – we are fully equipped with the capability to
machine components, with great precision and accuracy, metal components to
fit vacuum coating systems (e.g. flanges, viewing ports, reducers, etc.

We are committed to ensuring a high quality of products and services and thus
have been awarded the ISO9002 quality standard


• Thin films and surface coating issues
• Surface characterisation data interpretation
• Contract research and development
• CVD engineering solutions
• Material based problems
• Trouble shooting

Technical training and support

We offer technical training courses and conduct workshops on thin film deposition using
energised vapour deposition processes, advanced materials, microscopy techniques
and in CNC machining

Surface Analysis

• Wear tests

Refractory Metals

We can supply refractory metals, such as Tungsten (W), Molybdenum (Mo), Titanium (Ti), Tantalum (Ta), Niobium and Nickel (Ni) in different forms, such as rods, mesh, wire, plate, sheet, boat, foil, discs, heater, crucible.

If you would like to know more information about any of the above refractory metals, or would like to make an order and know about the product specifics and pricing then please contact our sales team (





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CNC Coatings will exhibit at MPA-2009 in Manchester, UK during 21-23 July 2009

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