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CNC Coatings

CNC Coatings is a company based in the Lancashire region of England, UK. The company is engaged in manufacturing, consultancy, surface analysis, coatings, supplying materials and offering technical support and training.

The company directors have collectively 30 years of experience working in engineering using machining, surface coatings, CVD/PVD and materials engineering sectors.

  Our services include:
  • Precision Engineering
    Manufacture of vacuum chambers/systems (e.g. CVD) and vacuum components
  • Surface & Materials Analysis
    Characterisation of surfaces for elemental compositions, tribology, etc
  • Coatings
    Deposition of carbon coatings and novel nanocomposite coatings
  • Consultancy
    Providing solutions to material based problems and issues
  • Materials
    Supplying a range of metals such as Ta, Ti, W, etc in different forms (wire, rod, mesh, plate, etc)
  • Technical Support
    Providing technical support and training on vacuum technology, thin films and advanced machining

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    CNC Coatings will exhibit at MPA-2009 in Manchester, UK during 21-23 July 2009

    For more information on MPA 2009 click here